Do I Have To Refer Others To Survault To Make Money?

A common question is ‘Do I have to refer others to Survault to make money?‘ The short answer is no. However, there are multiple benefits for sharing. You can quite happily earn online with Survault through your own efforts. But below, we go through some compelling reasons why you may wish to tell some friends.

The benefits of referring others to Survault

Survault is a platform for doing surveys and getting rewarded for it. That much is pretty obvious. However many people though may not realize it’s unique because it’s a totally community based platform.

What does ‘community based platform’ mean?

This means it has been designed so every individual can benefit directly from the community. Accordingly, they are also contributing back to the community through their own participation.

Multiple ways to earn

There are multiple ways for members to get rewarded on Survault. Check out some of the main examples below to understand more. They give you more of an overview of things.

Refer others and earn rewards ten levels deep

Earn rewards up to ten levels deep when you refer others

It is recommended to refer others so you can earn from 10 generations of referrals! You could just share with a few friends. Or maybe you are used to working online so you share your link. Think for a moment though. Imagine as those few referrals start earning and seeing the results as Survault grows. As your referrals do surveys and earn, so do you. They will want to share this too!

Leveraging your team’s efforts

Now it could take a little time, but think about when your team starts to grow organically. You will be leveraging the efforts of your team. They will refer and you will earn without any extra effort!

Survault uses some of the profits to grow the platform

As we all come in and do surveys, Survault is generating revenue from advertisers. As the membership grows, Survault will build up the platform to be more lucrative. Members have multiple ways to earn and get paid and its’s never been done like this before.

It’s Free To Join & Earn Online With Survault

Getting Survault Referrals Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Many people don’t particularly like try to refer others for various reasons. Often they think it is difficult to set up and time consuming for little or no reward. Indeed it can sometimes be like that. You might find the platform you’ve joined doesn’t have any banners, adcopy or splash pages for you to use. These are not always so easy for members to create themselves.

Get your own ‘Earn Online With Survault’ splashpage to use

Checkout this splash (or landing) page ‘Earn online with Survault‘ I have created. If you do see the benefit in promoting survault and want to build, good news! I have made it easy. People who join Survault with me can get their own page like this. It will have their links embedded in it and they just have to share the link. A new post explaining how to get your own one is coming soon. So check back here soon.


Do I Have To Refer Others To Survault To Make Money?

As was previously stated, no you don’t. That being the case, I hope you can see some benefit in doing so. Especially when you consider how Survault will grow the platform through sharing the revenue. It is community driven and we all stand to do well when more users come onboard.

Above all, survey platforms are very popualar. But the problem is many don’t pay much or dont even pay at all. Survault really is going to shake things up!

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