Earning From Online Surveys (Are They Legit?)

Wondering If Earning From Online Surveys Is A Possibility?

If you are looking into earning from online surveys and are wondering if they are legit, read on. There is a mixed bag as far as what apps or platforms you could get involved with. But it’s certainly not all doom or gloom to get started. Below is some important info on what to avoid and how you can get started.

Are surveys a legitimate way of earning online?

First of all, there are many companies who are looking for help from the public. They need them to give opinions, comments and feedback on their latest products or services. Also they are willing to pay them either cash or gift cards as a reward.

Give and take

Ultimately you’re helping them improve the quality and acceptability of their products or services. They benefit and you do too by getting paid at the same time. People all over the world are already profiting from participating in many of these surveys. Although, do keep in mind not every survey provider will be active in every country.

The rise of surveys for earning online

Online work is very much needed

Paid surveys have come about owing to the rise of the Internet as a real-time interaction medium. During these challenging pandemic times, more stay-at-home people are looking to earn online. Many are desperate as their incomes have been impacted or even wiped out through business closures. It could still be a while before things are back to a more normal state.

Working online offers time flexibility

There is of course great flexibility in working online that attracts people too. You can work where you want and when you want too. Many people like surveys because they can easily fit one of two in between their daily activities.

Recent growth in the survey industry

Corporations with new products rolling out, have been quick to see more people looking for online work. They value the thoughts and opinions of people completing surveys. These digital questionnaires are a great way of saving them a lot of advertising money. Because of this, recently we’re seeing some big survey providers with tens of thousands of surveys.

Not all survey apps are created equal

Because of that, many more survey apps or platforms have been popping up. This is where many people are finding it’s not all sunshine and roses. It can be a real eye opener when you read the comments for many of these apps.

No return on time invested

Many have a minimum pay out threshold, say for example $10. When some users have spent considerable time doing surveys, they find this common problem. They could get to $9.95 but they can progress no further. Obviously they cannot get paid and their time they invested is lost.

Earning From Online Surveys

You want to spend your time wisely

Another issue is some apps have surveys that soak up so much time for so little in return. Ideally, you should join an app that has a selection of providers available to choose from. It really pays to read through the app store reviews before investing too much time in them.

Working online offers time flexibility

Lastly, you should try and get a feel for what return you could expect for your time invested. One review I saw was a man who had been doing surveys on a site for nearly six months. He had done countless surveys and was one of the ones finally stuck on $9.90, so no pay!

Survault Ticks All the Right boxes

Survault is revolutionizing getting paid for surveys

Survault is a platform that addresses all of these issues and adds much more value on top. You can log in on desktop or you can just now download the new app. It’s available on both Apple and android.

They have multiple survey providers, so you have a wide selection of surveys to choose from. Also, you can get low payouts to your bank or choose to get gift cards.

The rise of surveys for earning online

The icing on the cake with Survault is how you can leverage the community to increase your earning power. The whole system revolves around making it easy for users to capitalise off of the work of the community.

Being  time efficient

You don’t dont have to sit there every day for hours doing surveys. In fact, you’ll see the best strategy is to fit in one or two every day or two when it’s convenient. Being consistent is key to increasing your rewards as you will learn.

Multiple ways to earn

There are features like the random drawings that you can participate in once qualified. To qualify, you just have to meet the low points threshold which is easily achieved when consistent.

Do I have to refer others to make money?

You don’t have to share Survault with others, but referring one or two others can really help you. It can take a while to achieve, but you can get paid off of the effort of your team 20 levels deep.

There are resources to help you share if you wish too. If you understand the power of this, it certainly seems an attractive option.

Best of all.. it’s free to join and really quick and easy to get started!

How To Get Started With Survault

It’s Free To Join & Earn Online With Survault

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