FAQ’S – (Frequently Asked Questions About Survault)

Questions And Answers

You’ll find a collection of the most frequently asked questions about Survault (FAQ’s) are answered here. Reading through these will give you a better overview of the platform.

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As time goes on more features or changes will be added to Survault. More information will be added to this post to reflect these. So check back in often.


How To Get Started With Survault

Most Common Questions

Are the surveys anonymous?

Is My information Safe On Survault?

Yes, it is. They say you don’t have to give any personally identifiable information in any of the surveys. They are supposed to be 100% anonymous. Additionally they don’t use survey providers that require users to enter email addresses or phone numbers.

How much money can I make from this Survault?

How much could I potentially make?

How much money you could make each month dependsupon on how active you are. This is though doing surveys and also  if you choose to refer others.

The Survault Platform Goal

Their goal is to allow active users to make anywhere from a $100 – $1,000+ each month. Spend a little time on the platform and you will understand this could be quite possible. There are multiple ways to get paid. Plus, when you factor in the power of leverage.. wow! This is where you get paid off of all your team, ten levels deep.

Are there promotional resources?

Your Survault landing page

Yes. When you have joined (the link is at the bottom of the post) go in the backoffice. Go to the section ‘Invite’. There, you will see YOUR invite link. This is a landing page you can share with your link embedded.

Get your own ‘Earn Online With Survault’ landing page

Check out this splash (or landing) page ‘Earn online with Survault‘ I have created. People who join Survault with me can get their own page like this. I will have a post here soon on how to get yourself one. So check back for updates soon.

Do I have to refer other people to make money?

The short answer is no. There are multiple ways you can make money with Survault without ever referring someone.

Survault Referrals

However there are many compelling reasons why you may wish to. They are covered in this post ‘Do I Have To Refer Others To Survault To Make Money?‘.

Is Survault really free to join and use?

Yes it is.

Survault Is Free To Join

You will never be asked to pay anything.

How can we get paid on Survault?

How do they pay out?

They use a service called Tremendous to pay earnings out to the members. You can redeem your earnings for Amazon or Visa gift cards.

Direct Payments

Very soon they will support cash deposits direct to your bank account (ACH). There will also be a very low threshold for payouts, like $1 for example.

Survault Is The Best Survey Platform

It’s Free To Join & Earn Online With Survault

Get your own ‘Earn Online With Survault’ splashpage to use

Checkout this splash (or landing) page ‘Earn online with Survault‘ I have created. If you do see the benefit in promoting survault and want to build, good news! I have made it easy. People who join Survault with me can get their own page like this. It will have their links embedded in it and they just have to share the link. A new post explaining how to get your own one is coming soon. So check back here soon.