How The Survault Random Drawings Work

In this post you’ll learn how the Survault random drawings work. These drawings are one of multiple ways you can earn online with Survault. These are a great feature and its not difficult for you to qualify for all of them. Read on.

Where to find the drawings page

After you have logged in, you’ll see a box with ‘View Drawings’ on it. It’s the purple one and it is near the top left of the dashboard. Click the button to go to that page. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Drawings’ link on the top menu bar.

The various value drawings pools

On the drawings page you will see five drawing pools. Currently these are valued at one, five, ten, twenty five and fifty dollars. These values may increase in the future as more users join the platform. They could also just add more higher value pools.

How Does It Work?

Each time any member completes a survey, each drawing moves a little closer to completion. When a drawing hits the 100% complete mark, a random winner will be chosen by the system. They are rewarded the cash prize from that specific drawing!

The drawing pool is then reset automatically and will start the next cycle towards completion. Each point you get for a completed survey is an entry into ALL of the drawings!

A Couple Of Things To Note

On the bottom right of the screen, you will see a list of all the latest winners. As time goes on, many more will jump on to this platform. As more active people are on, the faster these drawing pools will cycle through.

Apps for both Apple and Android phones are near being released. They bring in another popular survey provider as an option. This will increase usage on the platform immensely, as many prefer to use their phone these days.

The Key To Good Results

Many members so far agree the key to good results on Survault is to be consistent. This means you don’t have to spend hours on the platform instead login frequently. A couple of logins a day when convenient can take a small amount of your time. This’ll be sufficient to get you qualified over the week and have plenty of entries in the drawings.

How The Survault Random Drawings Work

You may wish to watch the video to get a visual idea of how the random drawings work. These drawings are another example of what makes Survault unique. It allows you to earn from the efforts of all others!

It’s Free To Join & Earn Online With Survault

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